Here's what others have to say about their experiences


“Deena is a strategic thinker who is incredibly authentic. Her passion for helping people is inspiring, and I think she is one of the most extraordinary coaches I know. Whether she is designing leadership programs, working with teams to raise the bar, or mediating conflict, her inclusive approach builds trust and a sense of ownership. She really gets the challenges employees and leaders face today and brings this reality into the design of all HR products and programs. She helps companies move forward, and this is why her work is so powerful.”

Grace Pulver, former VP Human Resources, Vancity


“Deena is an amazing trainer and facilitator. She assesses our training needs in a very inclusive process and brings high energy and passion to our training programs. She is helping us build depth in skills, especially in leadership. Our staff keep asking her back for more and rave about her programs.”

Cathy Smith, VP Human Resources, MEC


“Deena is a powerful and insightful coach, trainer and facilitator. She has the unique ability to engage people the minute she enters the room and possesses an effective approach to organizational and individual development. Deena has been instrumental in helping us improve team morale, accountability, efficiency and productivity.”

Pamela Chaloult, COO, Renewal


“Deena Chochinov has an uncanny knack for helping organizations assess their strengths and weaknesses. She was key in helping Environmental Defence create and execute a new staffing structure to build on what we do best. Any organizations, especially non-profits, would benefit from working with her.”

Rick Smith, Executive Director, Environmental Defence


“Like the guy rolling the boulder up the hill, our team has a knack for revisiting big decisions daily. Working with Deena has helped our leaders get on the same page quickly and with maximum buy-in. Deena’s coaching has freed up so much wasted energy at the senior level that used to be spent rethinking each decision. Folks are more productive and equipped with a clearer understanding of their roles. By helping us tackle all of those big outstanding issues, Deena made us a happier and more effective place to work.”

—John Finlay, President, Public Outreach International


“Positive. Compassionate. Filled with exceptional wisdom. Deena provides a safe space where one has the opportunity to express and discover oneself. Deena commits her utmost attention and care in offering knowledge and empowering skills in creating a life worth celebrating!”

—counselling client