I advise enterprising families, fortify business leaders, and advocate for resilient, healthy organizations.

A systems approach at every level, where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.



"It's astonishingly powerful to leverage both the strategic and the emotional when dealing with individuals, families and organizations. The structures are different, but the dynamics are more aligned than anyone would imagine."


My approach to any project is based in systems theory, acknowledging that any group of people, no matter how large or how small, should be considered as a “whole and unique unit”—a system. Each group or system will necessarily have its own structure, its own values, and its own beliefs. And importantly, it will also have its own set of styles in terms of how its members relate to each other, and to the group.

Regardless of the system I enter however, my role is to learn its “paradigm”—or central organizing principle—and to offer the members of that system the best strategies, structures and processes to become powerful, productive, and prosperous.

My approach is holistic, and it is comprehensive. I work with you to uncover bottlenecks or unseen opportunities in your company’s communications, to help you realize under-leveraged capacities, and to provide you with clear, actionable, and realistic tactics for meaningful change.