Strategic Management Consulting

Quality consulting delivers lasting solutions. As a consultant, I work across diverse sectors with a focus on family enterprises and mission-driven organizations. I act swiftly yet meaningfully—reenergizing organizations with the strategies and tools for change. My rigorous approach focuses on organizational development and human resources management—strengthening both to build capacity, effectiveness and sustainability.

Organizational Development Services: strategic planning, organizational design, change and transition management, leadership development programs, strategic facilitation, training needs analysis and program design

Human Resources Management Services: talent management, team effectiveness, conflict management, competency modelling, recruitment and selection, employee engagement, succession planning


Family Enterprise Advising

The family enterprise is as powerful as it is fragile. Honest communication, forward-looking decisions, unity on founding values, room for next-generation innovation—it can be challenging to foster it all from the inside. As a certified Family Enterprise Advisor™, I build an intimate yet objective connection with the family to establish family-enterprise best practices and forestall well-intended mistakes. Using my rare blend of experience in management consulting and family counselling, I help create a thriving business on a foundation of healthy family dynamics—today and for future generations.

Family Support Services: family meeting facilitation, family constitution development, conflict resolution, cross-generation visioning, communications skills training, decision-making processes, culture and values alignment, family relationship building

Business Support Services: succession planning, governance systems, diversifying next-generation opportunities, talent management, strategic planning, leadership development and coaching, family business frameworks and tools, organizational change management

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